Recent results in China and Haiti where earthquakes are not surprises have proven the reliability of the earthquake detectors such as the “DX6Y2” and the “DX100” by detecting the P and S waves to then give tens of seconds before the big shock in cities like Quinchuan, Mianzhu and Shifang. The CCTV has shown their importance to the Chinese and their reliability to the world. The DX earthquake detectors have all being tested to verify their reliability, and have passed the necessary test needed for that by China Earthquake Administration Bureau. DX earthquake detectors have also been approved by the Science and Technology Bureau of Sichuan Province of China, and have been certified by Sichuan (China) Bureau of Quality, and Technical Supervision. They have a processor which can suppress false alarms and put more peace in mind when well installed.

The DX Earthquake detectors have their own patent right in China. The DX Earthquake detectors have been studied and designed with the direct of experts from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (for example Dr. Tun WANG), China Earthquake Administration Bureau and Sichuan Earthquake Administration Bureau. A “DX6Y2 or DX100” can surely save lives by alerting anyone of a upcoming big shock tens of seconds before it happens right after detecting the P and S waves of an earthquake.