DX-6Y2  (For Houses & Small Offices)

The DX-6Y2 are part of the “On-Site Alarm System” that means which is the sensors based  at the side of the objects to be warned.

The DX-6Y2 is a recently developed system used to detect seismic activities.
The system has been designed for residential building and two story businesses made out of concrete but works perfectly on any other structure. The system comes with 2 individual units that can be placed in different places inside the house and that are connected by an encrypted wireless system.
Each unit has an incorporated screen displaying the time and in the case of an earthquake the magnitude. They are also composed of a very complex CPU that will analyze any vibration before triggering the alarm. For extreme situations, the earthquake early warning device is equipped with a rechargeable battery that will last several days to a week in case of power failure.
The device, alarms you tens of seconds before the vibrations begin, depending on the seismic epicenter.

If someone unfortunately gets stuck under rubbles, each unit is equipped with an SOS signal.